Download Time Calculator

Calculate the size of the downloaded file with the download calculator. This tool will show you how long it will take to download the file.

What is Download Calculator?


Download calculator is a tool that calculates based on internet speed and file size. With this tool, you can see how long it takes to download a file with your internet speed. Download calculator tool supports KB, MB, GB, TB file sizes. It supports kbps, mbps, gpbs formats as internet speed.

How Download Calculator Works?


The download calculator works based on your internet speed. When you enter a file size and your internet speed, the download calculator tool tells you how long this download will take with its own algorithm.

  1. Detect and enter your internet speed
  2. Enter the size of the file to download
  3. Click the Calculate button

The download calculator will give you an estimated download time based on all these values.

How to Detect Internet Speed?


To detect internet speed, you need to use internet speed test tools. There are many internet speed detection tools for this. Some of those;

1-) Enter the Speedtest website


After entering, click the Go button that appears. Then wait for the calculation to finish.

2-) Write the result

speedtest internet speed test result

It is your download speed under the Download name. Enter this result in the Internet Speed section.

General Internet Speed Values


Generally accepted internets have some fixed speed values.

Connection Type
Download Speed
OLD Modem
28,8 kbit/s
DSL Modem
56,6 kbit/s
512 kbit/s
1 Mbit/s
8 Mbit/s
24 Mbit/s
10 Mbit/s
7.2 Mbit/s
80 Mbit/s
100 Mbit/s
Fiber obtic
1000 Mbit/s